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lunedì 25 marzo 2013


Breve dialogo-tipo fra due amici che parlano delle rispettive vacanze. Può essere utilizzato cambiando la destinazione, il periodo di tempo trascorso, i luoghi visitati,  etc.

Giulia:  Hi, Andrea! How are you?
Andrea:  Hi, Giulia! I'm fine thanks. Did you have a good summer?
Giulia:  Yes, I went to Paris with my family. 
Andrea:  Oh nice! Did you enjoy yourself? 
Giulia:  Yes, we had a wonderful holiday. 
Andrea: How long did you stay? 
Giulia:  We stayed two weeks. 
Andrea: Did you go by train or by plane? 
Giulia:  We went by plane: it took just a couple of hours from Rome. 
Andrea: And what did you like most? 
Giulia:  I especially liked the Montemartre area and Disneyworld!  Have you ever been to Paris?
Andrea: Yes, I went to France 2 years ago with my father. It was a great holiday: first we went to Paris and then in the South of France.  
Giulia: Oh, lucky you! Did you take any photographs? 
Andrea: Yes, I did. I took a lot with my cell phone. Would you like to see them? 
Giulia:  Yes, I'd really love to!   

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  1. ma senza audio a che serve??!!!

    1. Serve da esempio, per quando si ha un dialogo da fare come compito se ne può prendere spunto... :-))
      Ciao, a presto!