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martedì 16 aprile 2019


Alcune frasi con il quantifier inglese a lot 

1) There are a lot of fashion shops in Milan
2) There is a lot of milk in the fridge
3) My mobile phone rang a lot of times during the ceremony
4) Elisa made a lot of mistakes in her homework
5) There were a lot of people at the party
6) Football players earn a lot of money
7) Children should drink a lot of milk
8) There are a lot of ancient ruins in Rome
9) A lot of people will go to Rihanna's concert
10) English is a lot easier than Maths
11) Mary takes a lot of sugar in her coffee
12) His father smokes a lot
13) British people drink a lot of tea
14) I have put on a lot of weight recently
15) His performance had a lot of success