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lunedì 4 marzo 2013


Esempio di un breve tema/racconto sulle vostre ultime vacanze al mare.

In my last holiday I went to Calabria with my family.
We traveled by car all night long and we arrived soon in the morning. 
We stayed for 7 days in a beautiful holiday camping called "MareNostrum" near the beach.
Our hotel room was tiny, but lovely and we could see all the beach from our balcony.  
During the day there were a lot of activities for children and adults, but we just went to the beach or to the swimming-pool. 
After breakfast, we stayed on the beach all morning, then went back to the hotel for lunch time.
There was a great buffet and the staff was really helpful and kind.
After lunch we usually went to our room for a quick siesta and then we went back swimming and sunbathing.
Sometimes we played football or beach volley, it was really funny!
At night we had dinner in the hotel and then walked around the beach or sometimes we played table tennis or the electronic games available at the bar.
One night we went to a piano-bar where we sang karaoke and danced. 
The weather was usually pleasantly warm without being too hot. 
I really enjoyed our time in Puglia and I hope I'll be able to go back next year with my family, because this was seriously the best holiday I have ever had!

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  1. Potresti farla al past simple e continuous su Londra?

  2. Piccolo errore, la vacanza si svolge in Calabria ma nell'ultima frase scrivi che speri di tornare in Puglia. Per il resto bravo/a.

  3. È già al post simple studia capra