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martedì 5 febbraio 2013


Oliver Twist is the story of a young orphan, Oliver, and his attempts to survive in a society, the Victorian one, that refused illegitimate children and didn't take care of poor people.
Oliver is born in a workhouse in a small town about 70 miles from London in early 1800s. 
Children in a workhouse
 His mother dies almost immediately after his birth and he is sent to a parish orphanage until he is about 8 years old. At this point, his tutors decide it’s time for him to start working and they send him back to the workhouse. But Oliver commits the unpardonable offense of asking for more food when he is close to starving, so the parish officials offer five pounds to anyone who’s willing to take Oliver on as an apprentice. 
After a brief, unhappy period at Mr. Sowerberry's , Oliver runs away toward London.
Here he meets Jack Dawkins, better known as The Artful Dodger, who buys him lunch and offers to introduce him to a "gentleman" in London who will give him a place to stay.
The “gentleman” is called Fagin and he runs a school for pickpockets, but Oliver is not a successful student: he is caught on his first atttempt at theft. Mr. Brownlow, the victim, is stricken by the ragged and unhealthy appearance of Oliver so rather than charging him with theft, he takes him home and takes care for him.
Oliver was very happy in the Brownlow's home, but his adventures were not over. 
A mysterious man named Monks wants Fagin to recapture Oliver. Fagin sends a thief, Bill Sikes and his lover Nancy, to kidnap Olive and bring him to Fagin.
Then Fagin sends Oliver with Sikes to rob a house. Again, Oliver is caught while Sikes escapes. Oliver is again nursed back to health by those he tried to rob and he spends a wonderful summer with Mrs. Maylie, and her adopted niece Rose
However, the still mysterious Monks persists in trying to capture Oliver and when Nancy tries to warn Rose, she is brutally murdered by Sikes who later dies escaping as he accidentally hangs himself. Finally after Nancy is murdered all of the truth is revealed. Monks is Oliver's half brother. Oliver knew nothing about his father but it seems that he was the product of an adulterous affair between wealthy Mr. Leeford and a woman named Agnes Fleming. His father had died and had left money to Oliver on the condition that he have a good reputation. Rose is actually the sister of Oliver's mother and thus his aunt. 
Fagin is executed. Monks goes to the United States and the Artful Dodger is sent to Australia.
Dickens uses the Artful Dodger's trial to make a strong statement on the lack of opportunity for the poor and the evils of industrialization in England. Oliver is adopted by the Brownlow's and most assuredly lives happily ever after.  

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