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mercoledì 22 novembre 2017


Alcune frasi col past simple alla forma affermativa, interrogativa e negativa


1) I went to the cinema yesterday
2) Laura studied English last year
3)We walked for a mile last night
4)Mike played football last Friday
5)I passed my exam last month
6) We went to Paris last year
7) I was in Rome three months ago
8)Paul called me last weekend
9) She talked to her sister two days ago
10) You had lunch already


1) Did you go to Madrid last month?
2) Did they play volleyball  last weekend?
3) Did Mark live in London two years ago?
4) Did I listen to music yesterday?
5) Did she like pizza?
6) Did he travel to Dublin last night?
7) Did you call Patrick yesterday?
8) Did we phone our cousins last week?
9) Did Jane brush her teeth?
10) Did you have coffee for breakfast?


1) I didn't go to school yesterday
2)Today she didn't have classes
3) She didn't win a gold medal at the Olympics
4) You didn't send me a message last week
5) John didn't write to his sister
6)He didn't sleep all the night
7)Joanna didn't go to Milano last summer
8) You didn't eat pasta yesterday
9) We didn't play tennis last weekend
10) I didn't see Laura at the party

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