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mercoledì 10 settembre 2014


My favourite room in the house is my bedroom. 
I love it, because it’s a good place for relax, play and study. It isn’t a very big room, but it’s nice, cosy and welcoming. (vedi alternative per stanze per più ragazzi o più piccola)
Over the years it has changed, from being a “kid” room to a “teenage” room
The walls are light green and they look bright when the sun shines through the window. 
My bedroom has a wooden floor with a green rug on it. The curtains are light green with large flowers.
My bed’s colour is white with two pillows and a green blanket on it. I’ve got two posters and many pictures on the walls. Under the window there is a study table (desk) and a swivel chair. On the table there are a laptop, a lamp and many schools books. Above the desk there are two shelves for my hi-fi system and my Xbox. (vedi alternative per scaffalature)
On the left side of my bed there is a wardrobe for my clothes and shoes. In the corner stands a trash can. 
In my room I spend a lot of time with friends and it’s my pleasure.

  • My bedroom is not very big, however there are two beds. One is for my younger/older sister/brother and the other is for me. There are also two bedside tables with two yellow lamps on. [la mia stanza non è molto grande, comunque ci sono due letti, uno per mio fratello/sorella più grande/più piccolo e l'altro per me. Ci sono anche due comodini con sopra due lampade/abat-jour gialle]
  •  My bedroom is quite small with a bunk bed for me and my younger/older brother/sister. [La mia stanza è piuttosto piccola con un letto a castello per me e mio fratello/sorella più grande/più piccolo]
  • There are a lot of shelves filled with books and toys. [ci sono molti scaffali con libri e giocattoli]

letto a castello= bunk bed
comodino=bedside table
sveglia=alarm clock
cassettiera=chest of drawers
libreria-scaffalatura=shelf (plurale=shelves)

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