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mercoledì 8 gennaio 2014


Alcuni esempi per descrivere un amico in inglese 

My best friend is Marta.
I’ve known her for three(/four/ten) years and since the day we met, we have been the most inseparable friends in the world.
Marta is quite tall, and slim. She’s very good-looking and has got long [short/shoulder-lenght (alle spalle)], curly [straight] hair. Her eyes are brown[blue/grey/green] with long eyelashes. 
When we go out together, she wears rather casual clothes, but they are always extrmely trendy.
She likes wearing make-up, but she doesn’t really need to. 
She likes reading books and listening to musica: her favourite singer is Macklemore.
She would like to work with children in future.
I suppose the thing I like best about Marta is her sense of humour. She’s a lot of fun and even when she is in trouble, she can always laugh at her problems. She is also very dynamic and full of energy and if you have a problem, she listens carefully to you and advices you.
I have much affection for her because we have lived many things together and she always has been there for me when I needed her. 


  • We’ve been friends since we were four/ten/eleven.... years old and since then we are still good friends. 
  • I don't remember when we met for a first time, but it was many years ago. Probably it was at primary school and since then we are best friends.
Cosa le piace fare
  • She likes shopping, but she doesn't like wearing skirts, so she often wears trousers with a top or a t-shirt. 
  • She is a good swimmer/tennis player/volley player, so she trains twice a week/everyday/four hours a week. 
  • She likes travelling and reading interesting books and novels. 
  • Her dream is to visit the Australian Outback/Paris/New York
  • She would like to be a doctor and save children in Africa
  • She is a sensitive (sensibile) girl, she is also romantic and everyone enjoys her company.
  • She is always ready to listen to me/people and often helps me to solve my problems. 
  • She is extremely intelligent and very ambitious. 
  • She is very good at school, especially in Maths/Arts/Physics/etc.

Descrizione di un ragazzo

  • My best friend Paolo is fifteen years old. We have known each other since we were seven. He has got fair hair and brown eyes. He is interested in computer games and his favourite sport is football. After lessons we often play football with other boys from the neighbourhood. He is a great fan of Lionel Messi and he loves playing games, for example one day, he spent 7 hours playing FIFA! He is a dynamic and full of energy boy. He is also kind and loyal towards others. I know I can trust him because he is a real friend.
  • My best friend is Andrea. He is very tall and strong because he practices many sports. He has green eyes, short brown hair and his face is round. He likes cycling and playing football. He also plays football in the local football team - he is a goalkeeper/a striker (attaccante). I always go to see him when there is a match. Sometimes we play football together on Saturdays. He does not only play football: he also plays guitar and he and his friends have a rock-band. Andrea is a very good friend and my parents also like him.
  • My best friend Luca is thirteen years old and I met him at school. He is taller than me. He has grey eyes and brown hair. He has a small mouth and big nose. He usually wears dark or blue clothes. He likes playing football and he is good in it. We often play with other boys. He also likes reading books and watching TV. We sometimes exchange books and films. He is very good at Maths and Art because he likes learning. He sometimes helps me with Maths. I like him very much and we spend much time together.

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