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mercoledì 22 gennaio 2014


John, Rich, and I loved living on the farm in New Jersey. All that room to run and play and hid from each other. The fields went on forever, and we would race to get to the tree with the tire swing. There was even a pond to skate on in the winter. Dad grew so many vegetables that mom only had to buy milk and some meats at the store. But then the unthinkable happened.

Dad became ill and could not farm the  land anymore. Mom didn’t know what to do, so she decided to rent the land to another local farmer that needed more space. Mom used the money from the farm rental to pay the bills. Dad passed away, but we still managed to keep the farm going the best we could. Our uncle from a nearby town came and helped us plant and harvest the crops. He even took the crops to a “farmer’s market” where he sold many of the vegetables for extra money. We went on like this for a while, but it became too much for us to handle.

The small town of Oak Hill was looking for a place to put a community park. They knew that the farm land was going to be for sale and decided to ask mom if she was willing to sell the land to them. Mom told us that she was going to sell the land to the town so they could build a park. We moved near our uncle into a smaller house that mom was able to handle. Two months later, the town of Oak Hill told mom they were going to name the park after our dad. What an honor! We were even going to have a small plaque with Dad’s name on it. We now go to the park and see dad’s name each time we enter the gate. The park has a baseball field, swing sets, a pool, volleyball nets, and a nature trail. What a wonderful park, but the best part is we get to visit dad everytime we go there!


1. Where was the farm?
 A. In New York
 B. In Pennsylvania
 C. In New Jersey
 D. In New Hampshire

2. What was on the tree?
 A. A tire swing
 B. A tree house
 C. A birdhouse
 D. None of the above

3. Why did mom rent the farm land?
 A. She was being nice to the farmer.
 B. She needed extra money to pay for the farm.
 C. She was greedy.
 D. Dad told her to rent the land.

4. What kind of farm did dad have?
 A. A dairy farm
 B. A fruit farm
 C. A vegetable farm
 D. None of the above

5. Name one of the activities at the park.
 A. Camping area
 B. Monkey bars
 C. Soccer field
 D. Baseball field

Answers (passare col mouse sulla striscia gialla per vedere le soluzioni)
2) A
3) B
4) C
5) D

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