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lunedì 21 maggio 2018


Un esempio di dialogo con domande e risposte che possono svolgersi durante un esame orale di inglese o un colloquio di lavoro o come test d'ingresso in una nuova scuola.

1)What's your name? How do you spell your name? And your surname?
My name is Marco Bianchi (cercate di essere in grado di fare correttamente lo spelling del vostro nome!)

2)Where are you from? And where do you live?
I'm from Italy/France/Spain/Bulgary/Germany and I live in Milan, Rome, Paris, London..

3)Did you learn English at school? (Hai studiato inglese a scuola?)
Yes, I started studying English at the primary/elementary school
Yes, I started studying English when I was 5/10/15 years old
No, I've never studied English at school

4)How long have you been studying English? (Da quanto tempo studi l'inglese)
I've been studying English for 1/5/10 years (lo studio da 1/5/10 anni)

5)What do you do now? Are you a student or do you work? (Cosa fai adesso? Studi o lavori?)
At the moment I'm studying at university, faculty/department of ....
At present I'm not studying, I'm working in a (bar/restaurant/company)
Right now I'm looking for a job
At the moment I'm working as employee/secretary/bartender...

6)What do you do in your free time? (cosa fai nel tempo libero?)
In my free time I love... shopping, reading books, going to the cinema, going to the gym..
In my free time I like to read or listen to music
I don't have much free time so I just stay at home with my family

7)Do you like sports? What sports do you like? (Ti piace lo sport? Quali sport ti piacciono?)
I love sports! I like playing/watching football, tennis, sky...
Well, I like sports a lot, I like to do exercise everyday
Yes, I like sports especially football, when I was younger I used to be a good football playerI don't like sports very much, I prefer a good film or a walk on the beach.

8)Describe yourself using three adjectives (Descrivi te stesso usando tre aggettivi)
Well.. I think I'm positive, creative and friendly
I'm a balanced person (persona equilibrata), honest and diplomatic

[Per la domanda numero 8 ci sono moltissime qualità fra cui scegliere, noi ne abbiamo solo elencate alcune come esempio..)

9) Do you like living here? What do you like of this town?
Oh yes, I like it so much! I love the architecture and the cityscape of this town.
Yes, I do. I love the way this place makes me feel.. It's unique for many reasons, first of all the artistic and cultural enrichment and people are so friendly!
Well, I think it's better than what I imagined! Not to say there aren't hard things to afford, but I'm trying to do my best to feel at home.
If I am to be honest I don't like living in a big city/in such a little town.. My dream is to live near the sea, in the mountains, in New York, in Japan..

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