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mercoledì 11 aprile 2018


Alcune frasi di esempio che contengono i determiners some e any e ne chiariscono l'utilizzo nella lingua inglese


1) I have to make some phone calls this morning

2) There is some bread in the cupboard

3) He wants some help with his Maths exam

4) Mary has got some questions for the teacher

5) Dad bought some flowers yesterday

6) Would you like some tea?

7) There are some people waiting outside the museum

8) "Buy some cheese for the dinner, please"

9) "Can I have some milk?"

10) There are some pens on the desk

11) Laura needs some water

12) "Can you send us some information?"

13) Thery're are eating some biscuits


1) Is there any supermarket near your house?

2) We don't have any coffee

3) I don't have any money with me at the moment

4) She doesn't have any idea about her future

5) They don't have any experience in this field

6) There isn't any food in the fridge

7) Have you got any brothers or sisters?

8) Is there any problem with your mobile phone?

9) Do you know any of these girls?

10) I don't have any chance to win the race

11) You don't like any kind of music

12) She didn't want any fruit yesterday

13) We don't need any help, thanks

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