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sabato 13 aprile 2013


Riscrivi le frasi seguenti utilizzando una forma di ANY  (per la spiegazione vedi QUI)
The teacher found no errors ----> The teacher didn’t find any errors (not + any)

I will accept nothing but excellence;

I won’t accept anything but excellence
John could take no one’s advice;

John couldn’t take anyone’s advice
There is nowhere for you to hide;

There isn’t anywhere for you to hide
Ms. Brooks spoke with nobody about the problem.;

Ms. Brooks didn’t speak with anybody about the problem
You should give no one so young that kind of responsibility;

You shouldn’t give anyone so young that kind of responsibility
That will take no time at all.;

That won’t take any time at all
There is nothing else that I want to say;

There isn’t anything else that I want to say
My parents had found no place to spend the night.;

My parents hadn’t found any place to spend the night.
They will achieve nothing from their efforts.;

They won’t achieve anything from their efforts.

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  1. ma non si può scrivere su questo esercizio.